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RO unit pictures

by OldFart about February 14 - report

Here are some pictures of the RO units i have, I appreciate any advice you may offer about these.  I don't mean to hawk stuff here, it's not fair.  Byr, if somebody is ikilling themselves buying bottled water it would be a Godsend.

It looks like 1 activated carbon cylinder, 3 two-bed filter cylinders, 1 multibed filter cylinder and 2 semi-permiable membrane cylinders.

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  • 1.528

    HydroKid 1.528 points - February 14

    That definelty is cool, but I cant speak much about it. I have an RO system but havent set it up yet. Mine is only two filters so yours must be the big daddy of RO systems. Best thing is to run some tap water through it and them test it with a PPM meter. Sorry I cant offer much more insight on this one.

    • Score: 0
    • OldFart
      77 points -
      February 14

      Good idea! I can do that! And, I trust it with my life! Can't get a better endorsement.

    • HydroKid
      1.528 points -
      February 14

      Give it a try and see how it does. It should give you some good water to base off of. RO units are always a good thing these days. Most people see them as a hit or miss but you got nothing to lose since you got one lol.

  • 77

    OldFart 77 points - February 16

    My tap water is 155 the self contained RO is 5, my 3 yo kitchen RO is14.  How to put those numbers in prespective is beyond me.

    • Score: 0
    • HydroKid
      1.528 points -
      February 16

      Those are not bad numbers by any means. My tap water is about 240.

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