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When should you turn on the light for your germination station?

by mgdmancb about February 14 - report

When should you turn on the light for your germination station?  Dont want my roots to get effected by the lights as I have seen that could be an issue.  This is for Seed to sprout not clones.

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  • 2.793

    Bigruss13 2.793 points - February 14

    how are you germinating? Rooter plugs or rockwool? Strait in the soil? Paper towel? I use both rockwool and rapid rooters. Pre soaked in ph water with only a little rapid start. Put them in the dome hang a light about 36” away, and leave it on 24hrs. When I see roots coming out the bottom it’s time to transplant. Easy peasy:)
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    • mgdmancb
      207 points -
      February 14

      I am doing 24hr soak in glass of water then a paper towel till see a tail. Then move them to rooter plugs rapid rooters to be specific. My worry was that the light would get to the roots and cause them not grow which is what happened a few days ago when...  more

    • Bigruss13
      2.793 points -
      February 14

      Once you put them in the plug, you gotta cover the hole a little. Leave in the plug with lights on and temps about 75-78 until you see roots out the bottom of the plug . Then you can transplant. If growing dwc, I’d use rockwool. Same rules apply.

  • 2.100

    HydroKid 2.100 points - February 14

    With that DWC system I would start your seeds off in the rockwool. Bigruss has a video about this method on his youtube channel. I have since adopted his method and have had a 100% success rate( 12 seeds). Let us know what you decided and if it has a better outcome for you. Seeds are pricey these days lol. 

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  • 13.403

    pipeman69 13.403 points - February 14

    I have cfl lights on the second I drop my seed. I also use rapid rooters.
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    • HydroKid
      2.100 points -
      February 14


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