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Self-contained RO units

by OldFart about February 14 - report

Is there a market for RO units?  I have a couple that are about 24"x4"x5" thst were used for my Dialysis machine.  Until the techs got the machine running right they just kept replacing the RO unit.  They said they don't wanmt them back and that I should sell them.  That would be cool 'cuz my bill before Medicare and Blue Cross is $189k/qtr.  Hard to believe ain't it?  I still have to cough up a percentage of that and my social worker (God bless her soul) and I just have a good old belly laugh and talk about blood and turnips.

I figure there is somebody paying a fortune for bottled water tht would benefit from one of these.  Any suggestions as to what they are worth?

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    Bigruss13 2.793 points - February 14

    Maybe if you had a model number or picture we would have a better idea... I just paid $99 a while back for a hydrologic micro75. It’s a small 75gal/day unit. I guess you could compare it to that? It wasn’t the cheapest I could get, but I got it because I know it’s a quality brand.
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    • OldFart
      417 points -
      February 14

      These are not available to the public they are only used in dialysis machines. I imagine they are of utmost quality because lives are at stake and more importantly, DOLLARS in lawsuits. It will put out at least 75gal/day I will look for specs and post ...  more

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