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Rosin pre press

by JAgrower about February 14 - report

Hey guys, so I just got a Rosin Press with 4x7 inch plates manufacturer recommends a 3x6 bag but nowhere on earth can I seem to find a prepress with similar interior dimensions. Found a 3x5 pre press with interior dimensions of 2.5x4.5 but not sure what to do. Anyway, my question is. For this 4”x7” plate. Would you recommend a 3x6 bag? And if so, what prepress to go with it? If not the 3x6 bag. Any recommendations welcome
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    shloppy 216 points - February 14

    im interested in pressing never tryed it or dabs.But couldent you use the bag thats to big if you dident fill it up and folded the extra bag over to the top ? just a thought id like to get a press setup watched alota vids on that.would like a closed loop butane setup better but thate is big $$$

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