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LED and Plant Height Spacing

by g2912 about February 13 - report

I currently grow photos w/400W HID and veg halfway up my tent before going into flower. I'm switching to LED next grow and I'm trying to figure out how high to grow plant before the 12/12 switch. Should I measure to allow a stretch to ultimately be 18in below LED? 20in? Using Optic2 in a 6ft 3x3 tent. Want to avoid LED burn.

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  • 5.483

    caiman 5.483 points - February 13

    Do what manufacture recommends. I have 300W LED at 18" to give you an idea. Higher wattage requires more distance. I move lights up as needed.

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    • g2912
      100 points -
      February 13

      Manufacturer suggests 18 inches for flower, so if total available height from floor to bottom of light is 60in, then (60 - 18)/2 = 24in total for veg before switching to flower. Sound about right?

    • caiman
      5.483 points -
      February 13

      Measure from top of canopy + 18" for distance to light.

  • 376

    Monkeywrench 376 points - February 13

    I have an 1200 and two 300 and they are set at 26 inches from top of canapy
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    • stump
      379 points -
      February 13

      really that high? I try to keep mine around17 to 18 in flower.

  • 4.720

    FREE ! 4.720 points - February 13

    I'd take 20" into account, gives a bit of manoeuvre if needed.
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  • 18.009

    harley24 18.009 points - February 13

    This will work as long as you are able to have the light at the proper distance from the canopy. They make so many LED lights now, and each type has its own distance for veg and flower from the canopy. If your math is good and you think this will work for your tent then i think you would do good. I like my LED lights. Peace

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  • 11.429

    pipeman69 11.429 points - February 13

    Shit! I need to keep mine 30 to 36" above canopy!Just like caiman said, follow manufacture recomendation.
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  • 78

    dgh1029 78 points - February 14

    follow the suggested manufactors recommendations but also you can experiment with height during the different stages to hone it in. I keep lights as close as I can in final 2 weeks of flower. Gage by placing hand between light or lights and feeling the heat output the flowers are receiving.If your hand gets to hot then so will the plants. I have a 1200w and two 300w in flower,all on adjustable cables. I put a simple rail system where i can move my lights from front to back and all the side to side. That way I can rotate plants and adjust lights. I keep journal and note results. Hopes that helps.

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