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Tent grow strain question Solved

by twobytwo about January 13 - report

NEXT GROW QUESTION...Raspberry Cough (Tall Sativa) in a 4x2x6 tent under 1500W led. Never grown a "tall". If you have, would you recommend one Plant scroged in a 7gal fabric, or two in 4gal fabrics? I will scrog, but don't know how high she will go. Or maybe just do one in a 4gal, any experience? THE PIC IS OF MY BLACKJACK GROW. My Blackjack was a medium and I still had at least another foot of virticle space unused. You can see I still had plenty of upward mobility, BJ was in a 4gal fabric pot, yeilded 3.5 cured. Opinions?

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    pipeman69 0 points - January 14

    Scrog 2 plants. Keep tying to the net into 2nd week of 12/12 then let her rock! 

    A few main things in a low profile scrog,

    1-  keep your net  6 to 8 inches above the top of your growing container

    2-  tie them limbs down every day keeping a uniform canopy

    3- keep tying them down every day 2 weeks into the stretch, 3 if growing a sativa dominant strain, use your best judgement.

    Picture looks great. Looks like 2 different strains. Looking at the bj I can tell you you definitely could have tied the branches down a little more.

    Out of 1 square I like to get 3, maybe 4 vertical shoots going! If this is your first, Bravo! Next time you'll look even sweeter!

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  • 772

    bluemm 772 points - January 13

    SCROG out two plants that way all your eggs wont be in one place. I would grow it the same as BJ.
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  • 4.558

    FREE ! 4.558 points - January 13

    Agree with Blue. Nice pic, congrats.
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  • 7.549

    stick 7.549 points - January 13

    I'm with blumm. One thing I've learned in my 2x4x5 tent is they only grow as tall as you allow them...Supercrop if you must..  Nice Black Jack

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