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Nirvana Description

by TheGreatMilenko about January 13 - report

Here's another screen shot regarding the description of what you're supposed to get when ordering seeds. This came right from Nirvanas site. Deceptive for new buyers, growers like myself. This is why I have always ordered regular seeds from them thinking you got 10 per pack.
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  • 187

    Budmaster 187 points - January 13

    Ok I remember now you did used to get ten regular seeds in a pack but this is going back a ways. looks like they have not updated their web site which is pretty shoddy after so long. Been a regular customer for eleven years now and while I like some of the new strains I liked the old company and the people who ran it who i got to meet personaly, but hey times change and not always for the best.

    • Score: 0
    • CrosseyedMary
      74 points -
      January 13

      Yeah they can spend a little time updating their site pages. Cool you got to hang out.

    • Budmaster
      187 points -
      January 13

      Their seed shop was the best I ever came across tucked away but in the centre of Amsterdam, more for trade buyers. Used to come out with hands fool of seeds for €100

  • 1.854

    NugWitch 1.854 points - January 13

    Well, and here's another thing. The 500-600/SOG amount for harvest is misleading for the autos, imo, and from what I've read on the autos won't even make it to a harvest size to begin with. 

    • Score: 0
    • NugWitch
      1.854 points -
      January 13

      *I meant to a scrog size, not harvest*

  • 10.584

    SanBoisLee 10.584 points - January 13

    They went from 10 regs to 5 but have not changed that info. Even tho they reduced the price for a 5 pack, overall, prices have gone up across the board. IMO. they should have left them in 10 packs. I mean how do you even have a reasonable chance of getting a bud crop out of 5 reg seeds? Buy 2 packs, lol.

    • Score: 0
    • HomeBrew
      17.128 points -
      January 13


  • 10.642

    stick 10.642 points - January 13

    It is what it is. If I'm unhappy with what I get ,there are many other places to purchase seeds..I really don't think they are worried about what the few of us think.. They are selling them faster than they can grow them......IMO.

    • Score: 0
    • TheGreatMilenko
      1.140 points -
      January 14

      Agree. They are selling them faster than they can grow/mature them.

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