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False Nirvana Review

by TheGreatMilenko about January 13 - report

OK I was reading a review about Nirvana and seen something that caught my attention. It states Nirvana send out 10 free seeds with every order which is false. I also read Nirvana sends out regular seeds in packs of 10 which is false they ship everything out 5 per pack regardless of what their site says regarding regular seeds... It seems Nirvana is good at deception. Seed finder has the full review on them. Now why would the 2018 review show they ship out 10 free seeds on every order, also Nirvanas description also states regular seeds come in packs of 10 when perhaps they all come in 5... Just a thought.....
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  • 187

    Budmaster 187 points - January 13

    They used to give away ten mystery seeds but that was some time ago, maybe from before the company changed hands. Never bought regular seeds so I can`t comment on that. I used to go to buy seeds from their trade shop in amsterdam before it closed and would get fantastic deals on seeds. Have to say I find the germination rate has fallen off and I miss some of their old strains like Elderado and urban poison. 

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    • Budmaster
      187 points -
      January 13

      I regularly got 100% in past years, gardening is one of my hobbies and providing seeds are stored properly most seeds whatever the plant will give a good germination rate. Problem with cannabis seeds they are so expensive to buy five and only get 2 or 3 g...  more

    • CrosseyedMary
      74 points -
      January 13

      Thanks. So your more recent Nirvana grows have dropped below 80% to 50-60%? Why did they close? They didn't update their history page yet. I'm planning a travel this summer and thought it'd be fun to stop by the seed shops.

    • Budmaster
      187 points -
      January 14

      I used to visit Amsterdam regularly. I arrived at the shop one day to find it closed, when I asked around other seed merchants they said their was now a legal restriction on how many seeds they could sell, and Nirvana was a wholesale store. They are now b...  more

    • CrosseyedMary
      74 points -
      January 15

      Cool thanks for the tips Bud. Why do people hate ams and msnl? GWE likes them since they’re on their list.

  • 10.584

    SanBoisLee 10.584 points - January 13

    They have not updated their info, but is does clearly state 5 seeds right by the name of the reg seed name.

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  • 19.384

    airplane 19.384 points - January 13

    Must consider that 'REVIEWS" are for selling the product and can be mis-leading also results of germination and  cultivation is in direct correlation  with experience !!!!

    • Score: 0
    • Budmaster
      187 points -
      January 13

      Yes but with time and experience you would expect to maintain a fairly level rate of germination,taking different strains into account. My failure rate with nirvana seeds has increased of late.

    • texpat
      43 points -
      January 15

      I too was getting bad germination rates from Nirvana seeds and complained often. But I switched to using fresh rain water for germinating and have seen a significant increase in germination rates the last 2 grows! Rain water is just better!

  • 1.243

    bluemm 1.243 points - January 13

    KC Brains has some stable and affordable seeds and I have HAD very good germanation with them. Hazeio has all the top breeders.
    • Score: 0
  • 74

    CrosseyedMary 74 points - January 13

    Review of 2015? Perhaps that reviewer could check and rewrite before changing a 5 to an 8? Oh the falsehoods and deceptions of lazy couchlock lol

    • Score: 0
  • 17.128

    HomeBrew 17.128 points - January 13

    It isn't a false review, it is a very outdated review though. They used to sell regulars in 10 packs and stopped doing that around the same time they stopped giving out the free mystery seeds. Probably a 1016 review as that was the last year they did all that before the changes and the price increases.

    • Score: 0
  • 10.642

    stick 10.642 points - January 13

    Thank you HB, I was about to say that one must look close at the date of reviews.. Its pretty common for reviews to be put on the net but rarely updated or changed. I had personal expirence with it. I've been trying to update an advertisement I put on Yahoo or have it removed unsucessfully for 4 years on and off.Sometimes once posted there is no way to update or remove it.. Many times reviews can be years old..

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