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Indoor Grow ?

by Finch about January 12 - report

Any tips on growing papaya would be welcome. I'm using 3 gal cloth bags with Fox Farm Ocean. I also have soil and flower tabs, as well as root extender. Should I wait for the nutes in the FFO to begin to deplete before using the soil tabs or put them in when I transplant? Nirvana recommends additional potassium. Is that necessary if I'm using the tabs? This is my second indoor grow, so any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
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  • 18.179

    harley24 18.179 points - January 12

    Well, i have not grown the papaya strain yet, but weed is weed imo. If this is a photo period plant you need to use at least 5 gallon bags, but if it is an auto, 3 gallon is good. I grow in coco and don't know about FFO and its nutrients that are included. For photo period plants you don't need to give any nutes until about week 4 of veg, especially if your grow medium already has nutes in it. I would suggest you use the veg tabs later on after you see how the plants are doing with just the soil mix. Less is usually better than more when it comes to growing weed with nutes. For extra potassium you can get yourself a bloom booster and a finisher, such as liquid kool bloom and dry kool bloom as a finisher. This is what i use, but there are many more of these available. I would use the flowering tabs when you first see signs of flowering, and also start your bloom booster once you are sure the plants are in flower. Good luck and grow some medicine my friend. Peace

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  • 12.523

    pipeman69 12.523 points - January 12

    Don't expect overwhelming results with the soil and flower tabs. If that's the oath your gonna take, don't use soil tab but use the root ex at the beginning of grow. Use 1 flower tab a week before flipping and another 4 weeks after.Good choice on strainGood choice on soilNot so good choice one nutrients.
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  • 1.995

    Texasbob 1.995 points - January 13

    I love growing papaya!!! It is a really easy plant to grow and very forgiving. I topped mine at the 3rd node and they turned into beautiful bushes. I grew in FFOF and used the ff trio with cal-mag. I grow with t5's with cfl's as side lights. Be prepared because they really turn on the smell toward the end. Good luck!! Will be some really good smoke .
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