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by pipeman69 about December 7 - report

Well I received my order from seedsman yesterday, 9 days from uk to ne USA. That's pretty Good!My only beef, they ran out of rocklock by dna so they gave a few la confidential fems but I'm happy. Part of their promo was fast buds gsc AF , they gave me 4 so I'll throw up 2 in dwc under my new sk402 and see if I can make something happen with these autos.Their stealth shipping was very good and shipping was super fast! Looking forward to my next grow!
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  • 5.087

    caiman 5.087 points - December 7

    Sound reasonable. and that is fast shipping.

    What I am concentrating with autos is how to gain more bud sites in that very short veg time. I'm trying foliar spraying of acids, kelp, yucca and. worm secretion, the liquid stuff. Good luck.

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    • caiman
      5.087 points -
      December 7

      Bigruss I'm looking for more bud site during the veg cycle. I can't compare indoors to outdoors yet as I have only grown outdoors but this winter I will grow some autos indoors for the first time. "Great results" what does that mean with strains...  more

    • thisisme
      2.191 points -
      December 7

      Plants grow more at night than during daylight hours. All day all the time is actually more stressful and with autos.. that would not be a great thing.

    • Bigruss13
      1.050 points -
      December 7

      Jock horror 2 plants 3lbs. Critical 3 plants 1.25lbs. AK 3 plants .75lbs. 3 sk 400+, and 3 platinum p300's. Rdwc it's all on my videos.

    • SanBoisLee
      8.828 points -
      December 7

      Hey caiman, I ran across something on amazon last night called Bud Bomb. May be a waste of money but you spray it one time during the first week of flower. Supposed to get you 20% more bud sites.

  • 6.947

    stick 6.947 points - December 7

    Can't go wrong with seedman...I'm curious about other expirments with Autoflowers..I grew a grow with lights on 24 hrs. What I gained was slightly higher powerbill and more heat issues at the time..Have not tried it sice I piped a'c directly into the tent..

    • Score: 0
  • 1.050

    Bigruss13 1.050 points - December 7

    Nice! Good luck with the auto's. I broke down and ordered a pack of ObiWanOG. It's a hybrid with GhostOG. Should be here Saturday. Think I'm gonna be growing some US strains after Somangoxxl.
    • Score: 0
  • 696

    DragonBudz 696 points - December 7

    Sweet! I got my seed supreme order today. Mango sapphire, black valley, and big bomb plus 6 freebies! My seedsman order has yet to ship lol but Tom says they're crazy backed up, so i guess their sale was a success.
    • Score: 0
    • pipeman69
      11.009 points -
      December 7

      I personally know 5 local buddies who took advantage of their sales!

  • 1.935

    Odin 1.935 points - December 7

    If you have never tried the La Conf. I'm pretty sure you will like it. It's one of the best strains I've tried.

    • Score: 0
    • pipeman69
      11.009 points -
      December 7

      Sweet! I figured it would be good. DNA has great genetics!

    • Odin
      1.935 points -
      December 7

      they sure do

    • SanBoisLee
      8.828 points -
      December 7

      Right on about DNA! The reserva prevada branch produces kandy kush. One of the best in my book. LAC is a really nice one too.

  • 418

    drzoidberg 418 points - December 7

    i have 2 gsc from fastbuds growing and they are looking good for as little effort i have put into them and with your skill set i am looking forward to seeing what they do for you here are pictures of girl 1 and girl 2

    • Score: 0
    • pipeman69
      11.009 points -
      December 8

      They look good drz! How do they smell and what are you feeding them?

    • drzoidberg
      418 points -
      December 8

      i did ffof and ffhf i went with top 1/3 hf mid 1/3 50/50 hf/of bottom 1/3 of only gave phd water with gh rapid start until week 4 and started gh flora kit at 1/4 then boosted to 1/2 after week 5 the smell is great from above the plant there is a pine tree...  more

  • 1.241

    DirtyD712 1.241 points - December 7

    That place rocks bro. I think they are trying to corner the market. Fine with me, if we are the benificiaries :-)

    • Score: 0
  • 961

    ChAs420 961 points - December 7

    LA Confidential is good strain i just grew 3 in my small will like it

    • Score: 0
  • 2.311

    Allenpro 2.311 points - December 8

    Cool, I guess I better check the mail tomorrow 

    • Score: 0
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