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by Jassy77 about October 13 - report

Is it safe to use rain water & distilled water ? I saved some rain water the last time it rained & wanted to know if it’s safe before using it on my seedlings
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  • 16.663

    HomeBrew 16.663 points - October 13

    If you are growing in soil it is totally safe to use both of these. Especially the rain water.

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    • HomeBrew
      16.663 points -
      October 13

      They are both the proper PH for soil, unless the rain water has been exposed to light or heat.

    • Jassy77
      76 points -
      October 13

      Thank you . I stored the rain water under my sink in complete darkness.

  • 8.507

    SanBoisLee 8.507 points - October 13

    Yeah, rainwater picks up a lot of oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere but has no protection from pathogens. As HB said, heat and light are the enemies. Outdoors it's great because Mother Nature works with it.

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    • HomeBrew
      16.663 points -
      October 13

      I couldn't have said it better.

  • 1.191

    arthunter 1.191 points - October 13

    If there are no large industrial enterprises or highways in your region, you can use rainwater and snow.

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  • 1.191

    arthunter 1.191 points - October 13

    harmful bacteria and other pathogens fall into the rain water not from the atmosphere, but when this water flows down the roofs

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  • 6.044

    stick 6.044 points - October 13

    If using rain water be sure and check ph..Rain water tends to be a bit acid...Commercial distilled water I check but so far have found spot on for soil...

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  • 17.860

    harley24 17.860 points - October 13

    These are both safe to use, but they do not contain any micronutrients at all. I use tap water that does contain micronutrients, but i fill the container and let the water sit in it with the lid off for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate before i mix in my nutrients. I still use a micronutrient in my mixes to ensure i get enough for the plants. Peace

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  • 2.080

    Allenpro 2.080 points - October 14

    It depends on where you’re at, if you’re on the southern west coast of North America I would say don’t use rain water. People in Pennsylvania were poisoned by tomatoes grown in a town very close to where I lived in Mexico and it was finally determined to be caused by the water they used on the plants. The water came from reservoirs used to collect rain water. My wife rescued dogs and cats down there and she lost a few because of the water before we figured it out and it was all rain water. 

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