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6 weeks in bloom

by Becky about October 12 - report

We are in the 6 week of flowering and finding out about how to use a camera and a hand held microscope for checking there has got to be and easer way. We think maybe 2 weeks to harvest of these Aurora Indica’s
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  • 4.450

    FREE ! 4.450 points - October 12

    Ye 2 maybe 3, I'd cut the N & up the P & K. Fatten them up nicely.
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  • 1.241

    DirtyD712 1.241 points - October 12

    FREE is right to up P & K. It's time.

    As far as microscope there are some magnifyer apps so you don't have to do both

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  • 16.881

    HomeBrew 16.881 points - October 12

    I can't tell anything because the pics are of the pistils and not the trics. The trics were all out of focus.

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  • 8.828

    SanBoisLee 8.828 points - October 13

    Put up a pic of the whole bud. The trics are a little hard to see but since you know what you are looking for, you're probably right. I like to see a cluster of milk balls on the calyxes, not just a milk glass look.

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  • 6.947

    stick 6.947 points - October 13

    HomeBrew is right, you should be looking close at the Buds not the pistils...

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  • 17.921

    harley24 17.921 points - October 13

    I also can't really tell how the trics look, but you know what you are doing and can see them better than us. Just let them get to almost where you want and start your flush. Taking these types of pictures can be a pain, that's why i gave up on it myself. I was going tp purchase a scope that plugs into your laptop so you can view the trics and take pictures when you want, but decided not to try it yet. I think that is probably the easiest way to take these pictures of the trics. By using this method you can take many pictures and pick out the best ones to post. Peace

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