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Unexplained wilting explained

by HappyGrow about October 12, 2017 - report

Been having problems with my big girl in DWC and droopiness with no discoloration. Everything pointed to low oxygen. Tried a number of things before noticing that the roots have the air pump totally encased in the root ball and that pulled the air hose out. Now that it is connected I hope to see improvement. Anyone else in hydro have the rootball eat their air pump?

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  • 9.410

    stick 9.410 points - October 12, 2017

    Good catch. You must have some real healthy roots....I can see it happening..

    • Score: 0
    • stick
      9.410 points -
      October 12, 2017

      I read it as the air stone had come off the end of the hose..

  • 12.370

    pipeman69 12.370 points - October 12, 2017

    My air pump is outside of my grow tent but it's the air stone that's in the bucket. Are you using an air stone?Sounds like to me your not.
    • Score: 0
    • pipeman69
      12.370 points -
      October 12, 2017

      Sounds like you just have a 1/4 piece of tubing
      in your bucket and that's it.

    • HappyGrow
      241 points -
      October 12, 2017

      I said that wrong. It is an airstone in the bucket. Sorry 'bout that!

    • pipeman69
      12.370 points -
      October 12, 2017

      No need to apologize brother. It's an easy fix!

  • 2.389

    Bigruss13 2.389 points - October 12, 2017

    If you are using an air stone try putting a zip tie on the hose. Also if you are not getting enough oxygen it could be because of high water temps. Lower water temperatures hold more dissolved oxygen. I would not go lower than say 64° minimum. If that doesn't work try putting a second air stone in there. on another note I have root balls that have completely filled up my 5 gallon bucket's and they have never eaten my air pump. LOL
    • Score: 0
    • HappyGrow
      241 points -
      October 12, 2017

      The problems started sort of suddenly right after we lifted the basket to have a look at the roots. Accidentally disconnected the stone from the tubing. Oops!

  • 410

    AngryGrandpa 410 points - October 12, 2017

    my stones get enrobed all the solutions: 1. place your stones near your access points, and when you check pH, check stones and gently move roots away.  2. Buy a 2nd pump and 2 stones (c'mon, they're cheap as chips at WalMart) after your first set of stones get enrobed.  3.  Once completely encased, don't be a fool (I PITY DA FOOL!) and touch the roots and stones, leave 'em alone, and dig 'em out after harvest (its kinda narly and neat all at once...Oh how our Wonderous Lady Amuses and Delights, so full of miraculous suprises....but I digress).  I throw the roots I have dug out of the tanks in my composter.

    Much Love and Good Luck!

    • Score: 0
  • 16.981

    HomeBrew 16.981 points - October 13, 2017

    Do you mean your air stone? Because I can't see having an air pump sumerged. I have never experienced my roots pulling out the hose from my air stone. Sounds like your hose is not tight enough or that the fitting on your stone does not have very good flanges to grip the hose. It should be very difficult to pull a proper fitting hose off your stone.

    • Score: 0
    • HappyGrow
      241 points -
      October 14, 2017

      It was loose, Better now and the young lady is busting out of her scrod!

  • 3.064

    Allenpro 3.064 points - October 14, 2017

    I used these and the only way to get the hose off them is to cut it.

    • Score: 0
    • HappyGrow
      241 points -
      October 14, 2017

      I've read pros and cons of the spider. Do you find them to be better than airstones?

    • Allenpro
      3.064 points -
      October 14, 2017

      They seem to spread the bubbles out more, and the roots can get tangled in them but I just left them tangled and it didn't seem to hurt anything. I did have one that always left the water dirty, I tried everything to clean it and nothing worked, I finally...  more

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