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1st DWC Questions about ppm during seedling, veg and flower.

I went by my feed chart and the ppm is 325. She is just a baby still in seedling stage. I will post a picture below in comments. The nutrient co. said 500-700 in veg and 700-850 in bloom. Do  you think 325 is ok for now?

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    • 1st? its more like your 5th!!!


      just kidding! i like to use a little GH Rapid Start but i dont measure PPMs. i go by the directions on the bottle (but i would recommend reducing the strength just to be on the safe side.) I see you drilled the hole in the side of the bucket? that will work. i go thru the top of the lid but it doesnt make a diff. as long as the air line isnt kinked

      for now it is just the waiting game until roots emerge from the basket. you can check pH every other day or so 

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      • I was wondering about that. I did get a stiff hose but I can always change out and plug that hole. I guess it makes more sense easier during cleaning and water changes . Thanks for the info on checking ph. I need to get in a habit of that. I use to check once and roll with it in soil . lol

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        • Hey Sub I asked CPW a question bellow would you please chime in. Thanks man

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        • i usually start with 1/4 strength nutes of what the chart calls for on seedlings then build up once roots reach the water.i just use a disposable dropper to feed from the top once or twice a day until the roots get to the water in the bucket.GL

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          • Thanks Spider

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            • also on my grows i only go to half of what the feed charts say. Unless they show they need more. But i still see a little tip burn at half most of the time. those feed schedule i think are marketing strategy. lOl the more you use the more they sell. 

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            • I use an EC meter man, in a hydro setting I’ll usually use about 400ppm-600ppm for seedlings.

              idk if this helps but I hope it does man.

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              • Ok noted. Thanks a lot Joshua. 

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              • I am with josh, start with 200 to 400 ppm. if your "recipe" is too hot back off on the nutes porportionally

                The formula I use, a Drain to waste variant from GH, I halfed the nutes Gro,Bloom,Micro, and all the extra's are at full strength. i.e. rapid rooter, open sesame, etc I also use 2.5ml/gal of hydrogen peroxide and line clear. H2o2 stabilizes the pH and sanitizes the mix, line clear keeps the lines from clogging and does nothing to EC or pH. could be use in aeroponics to keep nozzles clear......🤔

                so far this has worked for me in my autopot (hydro) set up


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                • At that stage it would still be in the tray for me until it gets its 2nd set of true leaves but once put it in a net pot I top feed a little cal/mag and some root stimulant in the mix,. It isnt cheap but I have had really good luck with  CANNA's Rhizotonic Rooting Stimulator the last 2 grows.

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                  • Sub said to check ph often and I did. The ph went from 5.8 to 7.2 What causes this and is this normal?

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