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Wanting to grow weed indoors and not sure how?

Try DWC!! 

back years ago i tried many times and killed many seeds til i tried to grow in hydroponic DWC and finally had success. Not knowing what i was doing most of the time but keeping up with water/nutrient level and pH. I learned over the last few years! (weedportal and GrowWeedEasy helped too!)

i just think people are kinda intimidated by hydroponics and i consier soil to be extremely complex


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    • nawwww  growing in dert is easy peasy....lol...im just the opposite with hydro...im to lazy..lol

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      • And I found that I am really connected to coco hydroponics. The bucket project didn't  work out. And my last rdwc drove me nuts with maintenance. I think i am sticking with coco. But I agree it can be rewarding way to grow. And some will find it easier than other styles of growing. Definitely worth it to at least grow once using dwc, even more than once! It's a great way to grow if it fits your style of growing and management. 

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