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How do you clean your pipe/bong?

Anyone who smokes knows that tar can get really nasty! Nothing worse than smoking from a nasty pipe or bong. its a waste of weed because when they clog up you cant burn your medium efficiently.

i have always used these cheap metal pipes that can be disassembled and cleaned.  i like to take them apart and remove as much nastiness as i can manually, then boil them out 3 or 4 times. never been fond of glass pipes because you cant get down there and clean them out well so they always kinda stink.

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    • I recently used acetone. Worked great. But hard on the hands. 

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      • I disassemble, put in 4oz glass kitchen spice jar 2.5” x3.75”  fill to top with regular dollar store 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Screw lid on and shake or agitate it every so often, or ever time you go to kitchen for munchies.  LOL.  and let set 24 hours.  No scrubbing.....  melts right off .  Rinse!!    Cheap fix     
        Might need 48 hrs if ur pipe resembles black top!! 


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        • I soak mine in alcohol and salt for an hour or so and it pretty much loosens everything up.

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          • I soak pipes and grinders in 151 Vodka then I dump that in a tincture I keep going. My wife bought the Vodka by mistake for making oil so I have a 1/2 gallon to use up and I sure aint drinking it. LOL. Patron and water are the only 2 clear liquids I will drink.

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            • Randy's Black Label



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