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First, what is the phenomenon of hydraulic cylinder eccentric load

Good hydraulic cylinders and cylinders are designed for long life. If properly installed and maintained, they are expected to outlive their expected lifespan. However, problems such as misalignment of the rod end bearing with the piston, excessive side loads, etc., can result in premature failure of the hydraulic cylinder or cylinder.

Side loads are created when the piston rod is forced out of its designed travel path. At any point in the direction of motion, there can be misalignment or bending forces that can scratch the piston rod, connecting rod bearing, piston, and cylinder inner walls. The manufacturer is responsible for guaranteeing specific tolerance specifications, especially concentricity requirements.

Adding a stop tube can solve the above-mentioned eccentric load problem. The stop tube will provide additional bearing support and minimize piston rod deflection. Stop tubes are usually used for long strokes (over 1000mm). It increases the bearing area and reduces the deflection of the piston rod.

Selecting spherical housings can compensate for some side loads. The use of trunnion-type cylinders can also compensate for the effects of partially unbalanced loads.

Second, the method of reducing the eccentric load of the hydraulic cylinder

  1. Regularly check the hydraulic cylinder to prevent excessive wear. The piston rod can be visually inspected. When you find that one side of the rod is shiny or polished, if the other side is not, you need to find out why.
  2. The working conditions must be clarified before the model selection, so it is important to understand the operating environment of the oil cylinder and prevent eccentric load.
  3. The installation direction of the cylinder should be installed vertically. The gravity acts on the movement direction of the piston rod, and the eccentric load is small. Therefore, there may be an eccentric load when the cylinder is installed horizontally.


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