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Not all Cal-mags are the same

A week or so ago we were discussing Calmag and whether to reduce the dosage during flower. I run a calmag that is a bit high in Nitrogen (4-0-0) although i like it  because it has other micronutrients plus kelp. I believe weed needs calmag throughout the life of the plant up til flush. Here is a small list of a few calmag NPKs. Any thoughts?


GH                                 1-0-0

Advanced Nutrients       4-0-0

Botanicare                       2-0-0

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    • I agree they need Cal/Mag for their whole life, I think all living things do but I could be wrong about that and no not all Cal/Mags are the same, not even close. GH Cal/Mag is 1-0-0 but the PPMs are 350 at full strength compared to 175 ppm a gallon for the Botanicare, why would be interesting to know. Green Leaf the makers of Mega Crop had a Cal/Mag that was advertised as 1-0-0 but the  bag said, 17-0-0. Why I asked they said it really doesnt matter and if you use Mega Crop you dont need Cal/Mag. Right, that is a very warm rain going down my back

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      • thanks for your thoughts. i think i will start to use a 1-0-0 for flower. 4-0-0 seems like it would be awesome for veg all by itself

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