Kratky versus DWC: A tale of Two Clones

This is why clones are so great! You can learn so much and test so many different things! So these plants vegged for about a week. Just enough to pop roots. I normally take a few clones and this time i wanted to try a Kratky Clone. I have another comparable DWC clone. They were both topped (FIMmed) around the same time. Both seem to be the same size and the roots are about the same as well. I havent done any maintenance to either reservoir since i started. No bucket change. No pH check. just an occasional check to make sure the res. isnt empty! I also have a few other clones going but the roots didnt pop out soon enough to compete 

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    • Nice Sub ! What have you learned so far ? Keep up the good work .

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      • What i learned is that Kratky is a great way to start a grow if youre doing DWC and next grow i will start my plants with a higher water level just touching the basket and no air pumps for maybe a few weeks.

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