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Out of all the beans you have grown to maturity, what percentage of them would be good enough or unique enough to be a mother and sell the clones? And tell us why that plant would have been the shit.

Are mushrooms the next anti depressant? Is psilocybin the next big pharmaceutical rush?

Who should win the OD competition ?? you can find all pics over here : OD competition (weedportal.com) and here Weeportal ID and OD grow competition 2022 (weedportal.com)

About hash. What are some of your experiences with hash in any of its forms. I personally found 90%+ distilled concentrate consuming a one gram cart every 24 hrs for about 5 to 6 months to be...

Who should be the ID winner of this year ?? VOTE NOW !! Ps ( i just selected all so no1 can bitch and cry... ) You can find the pictures of the persons you can vote on over here :...

How long does it take to decarb weed (assuming 250 degrees F)

What should I grow in my 4x4 tent next?

Would you buy Nirvana Eldorado 

How many people would like to keep all reply's and reply's to reply's on the same page instead of branching them off into a "discussion". I hope I said that right.

what is better to clean your reservoir with?       

How do you clean your pipe/bong? Anyone who smokes knows that tar can get really nasty! Nothing worse than smoking from a nasty pipe or bong. its a waste of weed because when they clog up you cant...

Some weedportal users would like to have a grow-off and i do like the idea but i want to see how many people would be in for this idea and if people have suggestions like outdoor or indoor, 1 gal...

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