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How many people would like to keep all reply's and reply's to reply's on the same page instead of branching them off into a "discussion". I hope I said that right.

what is better to clean your reservoir with?       

How do you clean your pipe/bong? Anyone who smokes knows that tar can get really nasty! Nothing worse than smoking from a nasty pipe or bong. its a waste of weed because when they clog up you cant...

Some weedportal users would like to have a grow-off and i do like the idea but i want to see how many people would be in for this idea and if people have suggestions like outdoor or indoor, 1 gal...

In the new year I plan to;

Who else wants to see ITGreg's classic Chevelle?!?

You going to keep buying Nirvana beans?

Do you like flower or concentrates?

Do you smoke indica or sativa in the morning?

Sorry I haven't posted any photos or videos . I only have a ps4 , which is very limited , I have poor internet service . None of my friends or family can get a signal out here . What " Cheap "...

Pop Quiz Whats a larger quantity? A liter or a quart?

Pop Quiz Whats bigger? A meter or a yard?

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