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  • newling Whats the diffrent from a femenized and a autofemenized and a regular seed ? sorry if im asking alot but im new to growing
    October 5, 2018
  • TychoMonolith This year was my first big outdoor grow. I put a bit over 500 in the ground. My biggest failure this year was to not use cages and ignoring rodents. I knew cages were important, but I figured I'd make up with it in numbers. I thought I could harvest 25%, but without cages, the plants were dropping like flies. I ended up with barely 7%. What a disaster. Another bad decision was to simply dig my holes and stick the plants in the ground without clearing enough grass/weeds from around the plants. Mice LOVE the cover of thick tall grass/hay/weed. If I had taken the time to use my string trimmer and cleared a good area, they wouldn't have been as susceptible to the mouse logging crew. Within two weeks at least 50% of my plants were chopped down and just laying there to waste away. They didn't even try to eat the plant. Just Chop, let it drop, and chop the next one, until they were all down. Fackers. Ironically, my biggest successes were not caged. While I did lose half of them, those that survived the wilds grew into monsters. All in all, I had the time of my life and LOVE this hobby. It got my semi-retired ass out of bed at sunrise all summer. The biggest lesson I learned can be expressed this way. 50 caged plants = 1000 not caged. Among other lessons, I've learned enough to pull off close to a 99% harvest. But now I want to learn to grow indoor. Does anyone have any tips or a link to get me started? Outdoor and Indoor are two totally different skillsets. Also, what's the difference in Soil and Hydro? Is it only yield? Thanks.
    November 10, 2018
  • vegas Having trouble keeping MH bulbs lit....What do you think about using HPS bulbs throughout veg & flower???
    April 12
  • harley24 Have you ever noticed that some people never learn or do what you suggest and yet they still wonder why they have the same issue or problem? Somebody please shoot me. Peace
    April 4
  • marlboro Another victory for parts of Alaska yesterday. Just because the state legalizes weed doesn't mean the battles over. Then you got to deal with the local politicians trying to restrict or re-zone where cannabis can be sold or grown. Moving forward with my grow facility. Yeehaw! Lol
    October 4, 2017

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