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  • Ron
  • Bengfan Just wanted to share with those whom were seemingly having trouble with their orders. I just received my order of Papaya, Hawaii M.W., GSC and Sour Diesel. I placed my order on 3-5-19 with a credit card and received almost exactly two weeks later. Excellent service as always. I don't know why some have had problems(mainly with credit card I think) but I just wanted to reiterate I have never had a problem and have always used the same card. Thanks Nirvana, and good luck and happy growing to the WP family.
    March 18
  • myopically good morning wp. a great day. i sampled my recently nl and mystery magical tour strains and thy kick ass. it all thanks to everyone for helping my myopic ass! cheers! <:o)
    May 16
  • Kevo I'm growing Hydroponics and here;e a question. Why do get a TDS of 219 in the morning, yet the evening before it was 1670. What happened ?
    April 18

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