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  • SubterraneanHomesickBooze have to cut the fooking grass again!!! :S
    June 22
  • Jack Public Service Announcement: Moonrock's are the $#it! That is all.....
    January 5
  • krazynoklahoma when is it to late to plant. my seeds wont be here till the end of month. Im in central oklahoma
    April 4
  • hipoldman Good morning Portal, It's 620 Time to wake&bake(C)
    May 15
  • Budmaster Hi guys, not looked in for a while. I was just looking through my seeds and came across a couple of full moon fems. Now that was some good weed, should I mother them and create a whole field of the good stuff or auction them to the HIGHEST bidder ;)
    February 3
  • notsohigh I have learned a lot from you guys in here your great people. I have been growing in super soil it is great I think anyway when I changed over to flower nothing happen three weeks went by nothing. I started using bloom with in days they started I thought when you used super soil that is all you need but I guess not I have been giving them bloom ever since and they are doing great. I wanted to thank every one in here for your help thank you again
    August 18, 2018

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