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  • pipeman69 Is said it once before, ill say it again, FUCK YOU O.J.! You murdering sack of shit!
    October 1
  • Brian_Urech I have reached a milestone in my growing career...#30 harvest..25 indoor and 5 outdoor..and I am going to say this is got to be one of my worst..had to bring my outdoor grow indoor..which was brought to my attention(by Jim no less) that this may be a bad idea...I sprayed (and sprayed) before hand...and have never had actual soil in my grow tent (usually coco or DWC)...and low a gnats..but those fake ass stink bugs by the hundreds...tho this has been a very big "learning experience" and I have gained much still makes me a little bitter to A. throw out 3 nice producing plants and B. trim another nice plant to find even more bugs hiding under buds...ugh...the wife will be making this plant into a rub...sorry..had to vent...
    October 14
  • WHIPLASH Are any of you guys getting hard buds on your outdoor grows, or is it only possible by indoors with strong lights.
    51 minutes ago
  • ChAs420 Roll A Joint .. Roll A Joint...Twist It On The End...Take A Toke...Hold The Smoke...And Pass It To A Friend :)
    October 13
  • PH4RM4 Little weird when 42 online..10 members and 32 guests...?
    September 18

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