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  • justme When you cut the nitrogen way back early you end up with almost white calaxes covered in beautiful colorful pistils. This is my unknown auto flower strain that has been curing for 6 days. It is very fruity smelling and was an awesome growing plant. Wish I knew what strain it was. I just tried it out for the first time and it helps my back tremendously. Possibly better than the Swiss Cheese or Bubblelicious I keep on hand all the time. Any guesses on the strain? Would love to have it in my rotation. Here is the description. It almost smells like juicy fruit bubble gum but has a hint of diesel and an earthy undertone. It is good tight nugs. It almost doubled during stretch even after topping an auto right when the stretch began so I would say it was a taller stretching plant. It grew with small 5 finger leaves but I think that is the fast flowering hemp genetic in it. I can’t see where telling you anything about the way it grew that would help except for it was on the longer side of the flowering spectrum for autos. It went 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Thanks in advance my growing friends!
    July 19
  • SubterraneanHomesickBooze Hope everyones having a coool Sunday! :D
    August 12
  • Budmaster Well you can`t fault Nirvana shipping for stealth and speed. Order arrived inside a week and included a packet of their branded rolling papers and tips. How did they even know i smoked, cheer`s Nirvana :)
    August 6
  • king any body have advice on manganese deficiency in soil ?
    August 18
  • caiman Caimans spends much of their time basking on mudflats or in sunlit, muddy jungle streams.
    February 28, 2017

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