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  • bluemm There are ways to increase your females from regular seed. The owner of Dutch passion has quite a bit of steps you can take to up your females. they are environmental influences mainly. weeks 2,3,4 are critical.1 increase nitrogen and lower the potassium. 2 try to keep the temps down around 68 F high temps increase males. 3 Keep your humidity up low humidity =males. 4 Use blue light hps is for flowers red light=males. 5 shortening the hours of daylight. 24/0= males males males. 15/9 or 16/8= female. Also keep the growing medium damp. but no fungus gnats. STRESS=males. no stress= females. this makes sense b/c why would you get all males sometimes, bad growing conditions=males. we all know females love to be comfortable. stay medicated. hope this gets your females up!
    March 26, 2017
  • ChAs420 God Bud arrived! shipped on the 8th arrived today not to bad..ordered 10 seeds, they sent me 19.really healthy looking dark marble speckled seeds...wheeeeeeeeee!! lifetime
    December 13, 2017
  • koolcook4u The NH recreational marijuana bill just passed 207 - 139 in the house. Its states you can have under an oz, plus grow 3 mature plants an 3 immature. Itsboff to the wats an means committee, but the rumor is our republican governor says he will veto it ! If you are in NH let the govenor and other politicians the people want this passed !
    January 9

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