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  • SubterraneanHomesickBooze I appreciate that no one is posting pics of their cars or videos of their favorite jam. :P
    June 12
  • Roscoe14 Well I had to break down and put a a.c. unit in the shop. Switching to the let's worked till this last week. It's starting to get hot as he'll and this is my first summer growing indoors. I'll be able to keep my temps wherever I need them now. Was really hoping I could get by without it.
    May 26
  • shloppy funny video!
    May 19
  • greengrower Chocolate Twinkies are good
    April 12
  • TheRaven ANYONE UP??? I have had a nightmare week. Are there any happy frog users awake? I had to get a soil I'm not sure of. How soon after transplant should I fertilize?
    June 15
  • caiman Caimans spends much of their time basking on mudflats or in sunlit, muddy jungle streams.
    February 28, 2017

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