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  • Hulk 600 watt G8 LED veg/bloom light (loving it :)
    April 17, 2018
  • chubby441 I think it's great that we both can help each other .
    March 25
  • justme I’m on a family vacation in Orlando Florida. Anyone close to Orlando want to show me what they got finished. I would love to participate in a smoke session since I couldn’t bring my own flowers! I’m having to stick to the cartridges. Would love to smoke a J with someone!! hint hint. lol
    February 28
  • miggs Good morning Weedportal , finally , 2 days in a row here with 60f temps !
    April 7, 2019
  • king (C) good morning wp hope everyone has a great day b safe (H)
    7 hours ago
  • SubterraneanHomesickBooze I wish they had just went out and told us that we were dealing with a mild outbreak of the fooking FLU!! Instead of scaring the shit out of people :P
    5 hours ago

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