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  • harley24 Have you ever noticed that some people never learn or do what you suggest and yet they still wonder why they have the same issue or problem? Somebody please shoot me. Peace
    April 4, 2019
  • RbtAsq Got a parting thought for our newest, 30 yr old, "OG". You're gonna have to do some seriously impressive shit, to call yourself an "OG", on a page full of people who've been growing longer than you've been ALIVE. Don't let the door hitcha....
    February 4
  • justme Happy 420 everyone!! Hope you all have plenty of your favorite strain cured and ready! I know I do! Enjoy my friends!
    April 20
  • thatsmyskull AUTOS can a auto fem turn male if heat stressed for 1 day? i have a 3 week old(from seed) auto fem ak48 that got a little close to the light the other day(maybe 4 days ago) now it is showing clear signs of being a was it the heat or was it a male all along?
    October 20, 2018
  • miggs Good morning Weedportal , finally , 2 days in a row here with 60f temps !
    April 7, 2019

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