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  • Mattman Just got my AF Bubbleicious! Thanks Nirvana!
    March 14
  • Harley Hoping my seeds get here soon, it's three weeks and one day, I'm not counting though - YEAH RIGHT. I can't wait the suspense is killing me
    1 hour ago
  • Reuven What is a good strain high and but low in thc and will only get me a light high
    3 hours ago
  • NirvanaLupusRex Gooood morning!
    March 14
  • GREYSKYY I get off at 3 tomorrow imma take my babies outside and water them new pics . They're growing so good the little baby has greatly caught up with the older sis !
    April 2
  • Emer I read that adding a layer of ground glass at top of soil solves the gnat problem, since they burrow into the soil and the glass foils their mating plans...we like to buzz kill gnats.
    8 hours ago

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