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  • DutchLoverLimbo322 Well shit my papaya got pollinated, week 2 of flower , seed pods about 20 on hole plant and counting . Fucking hell . did not wash my hands once and Boom Dick in your Ass (R) ~~
    August 6
  • hipoldman I just drop 3 seeds of Lemon OG Haze Fem's in water for my next grow; Any advice!
    August 10
  • Strainwrecked I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to the Nirvana team and all the growers on Weedportal for not holding back knowledge! When we hold back what we know we only hurt ourselves. My goal in life is to share cannibis with the world. I want everyones first experience with this wonderful plant to be the best experience of their life. When pepole smoke shity, poor genetics, improparlly grown, cured and dried bud it looks bad all of us. How can we say its the best thing ever and then hand them a smassed brick bud! SO EVERYONE ON WEEDPORTAL LETS COVER THE WORLD IN FIRE ASS GANJA!!! Damn Im stoned!
    July 7
  • stick I didn't realize that when you send photo's through personal messages to a member thinking you are only sharing with them,that it also goes in your photo's so anyone can look at it copy etc...This is a flaw in your site that needs to be fixed. There is no personal anything on this site...I won't make this mistake again.. If you don't won't photo's of personal nature on here,you should remove them from my photo storage.
    July 9
  • Jekkk Can someone please help me im planning to plant outdoor our climate here is very hot is it ok suggestions please. It's my first time thank you! Just ordered aurora indica i want to be prepared when the seed arrives thanksss!!
    June 15

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