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  • ROSCOE Well I had to break down and put a a.c. unit in the shop. Switching to the let's worked till this last week. It's starting to get hot as he'll and this is my first summer growing indoors. I'll be able to keep my temps wherever I need them now. Was really hoping I could get by without it.
    May 26, 2018
  • vegas Having trouble keeping MH bulbs lit....What do you think about using HPS bulbs throughout veg & flower???
    April 12
  • GrowGuRu Good cannabis documentarys on viceland today till 4:00 check it out
    March 3
  • Swapun Need some knowledge about LED to LED full spectrum I have just bought a new 1000w full spectrum light and right now my girls are on a 150w veg & bloom switch light and there 3 weeks in VEG cycle my question is can I make the switch without causing any issues I really don't want them to flower too early..I appreciate any advice.
    January 21

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