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Whatever seed banks say abot their seeds, isn't it better to get just buds. Try it and then if yo really like it to grow seeds from the bud? 
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thats a great way to do it if you have access to some available bud. I pretty much choose a strain blindly. I kinda know what i want, and i go by the description. i prefer a sweet candy or fruit flavor.. berry, citrus

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I've only bought seeds from a couple, both Dutch, and have been extremely happy with what I've gotten on probably a dozen different strains.  Sure, it's fun to experiment with bag seed, but Nirvana has always come through with such quality for so long, and the prices are right, that I seldom want to roll the dice elsewhere with such an investment of time and money.  (Not a paid advertisement!)

chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Kilo.. your free seeds will be coming soon ...BLAH
cpw 10.528I wonder what bag seeds are like in the Netherlands? Hmm.
pipeman69 O.G. ‐ 21.824Not to be a hater but I think our bag seeds are the best in the world! Netherlands maybe 2nd
cpw 10.528That may be very true, I had not thougt about that, LOL. 
kilgoremeister 1.811CPW...You probably couldn't give away a bag in the Netherlands with seeds in it.  Homeless people are probably rolling around with top shelf ganja laughing at people who smoke schwag!
kilgoremeister 1.811You're probably right pipeman.  The Dutch aren't the only game in town, and we've definitely upped ours here.  Guess I'm a creature of habit and since buying my first over there, have just stuck with them because I've always found them to be awesome, and just haven't had a cause to look elsewhere.  I will note, however, like the Blue Dream and Gelato...they got that from US!
cpw 10.528Unless you buy from a dispensary the chances of finding seeds in a bag or our stuff is very slim and if I did find one I would hang on to it since its probably a fem 
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I agree with SHB I just go off the description 

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If  you can trust that what you are trying is the same strain you are going to grow from the same seedbank. Every seedbank has the same strain names but that don't mean they are all equal! The flowers you get from a dispensary has been chosen out of a bunch of plants usually too. They are grown from clone making them the exact same plant every time you harvest. You also have different phenotypes in each strain that can make a difference. This would definitely help you zero in on your favorite strain though!

justme O.G. ‐ 20.712It would be impossible to finding the exact same flower without a clone from the plant you tried. That is why taking clones before flowering out your plants is a great way to keep one if you find one you want to repeat grow. Good luck and happy growing my friend!! 
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462yeah great answer even with seed you cant get the exact same pheno. Clones are an exact genetic copy
cpw 10.528

If I did that the only strain I would grow is Garlic Breath, none of the others I have tried from dispensaries were very good really. Maybe its tomatoes and other fruits and veggies, home grown is always the best. 

I buy seeds based on the parents and the breeder. I usually buy a specific strain from the original breeder, but do have some restraint issues when it comes to buying seeds.   
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Dispensaries in my area so suck! Most people buy concentrates and weed on the street.

chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585You're absolutely right on TJ. Missouri dispensaries have a ways to go !! I've heard the same comments from several people.
TokeaJ O.G. ‐ 11.133I read that they were stopping med in Mo.. It is against the state constitution. Due to Being illegal on the federal level. Unfortunately this will not be changing on the federal level. They voted for 2 people completely against legalizing marijuana. It was all for a vote!
They are on the way to stopping medical in Michigan as we speak.
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585When does this happen ? That sucks !
TokeaJ O.G. ‐ 11.133What is the purpose of stopping it! Following the the Feds.
kilgoremeister 1.811Chubby, I've heard the same where I live.  Although I will never buy from the dispensaries for so many, and obvious reasons, my guess is with this "new" deal, the rush to market probably elliminates the most important part...a thorough and well done cure.  Good genetics and grow methods are not hard to come by, so I'm pretty sure the masterful cure is the missing link.
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Good genetics and a good reputation to go along with that and you have my business.

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Word of mouth and grower pics, is a great way to make a determination on what seeds to grow. There are many growers on WP that have made me decide on a few strains to try. So far so good ! And I thank you !

king O.G. ‐ 31.131word of mouth don't get any better !!
cpw 10.528You still have to dig down and find out who the breeder is. There arent copywright laws in this business for strains. Even Nirvana changes parents without changing the strain name and the parents from one breeder to the next can be completely different. I use seed finder a lot to get the details and see who else is growing a strain
cpw 10.528Also word of mouth has limits too, for example I did not like Bubbleicious and will never waste my time growing it again. I bet not everyone agrees.
johnpassaro53@gmail.com 55I have found that THC levels dont make the smoke better.seems like only high thc gets any attention.just saying that word of mouth on the kind of high is more important
cpw 10.528You should really make up a handle and not use your email account as an ID. If thats a real email address your opeing your self up to all kinds of bad things
I think THC levels  from the breeders mean nada. THC levels in one bud can vary as much 5% depending on where they are checked. My method of testing is fool proof, after 2 tokes I should feel a nice buzz coming on. 
bill59 O.G. ‐ 5.928Totally agree. Some of the best weed I've had are the sativa "soaring highs", upbeat, energetic and creative. I've read that Acapulco Gold THC % is mid teens to mid twenties but it's a whole lot more fun than a heavy indica IMO.
cpw 10.528Yep, I have some Sterling Haze that was harvested 50/50 clear to cloudy and it is not a bed time smoke, its more like taking a Yellow Jacket from back in the day.  
pipeman69 O.G. ‐ 21.824I liked it! I did pretty  good with it 2x. Im sure most of you know I don't like wonder women and it was a poor grow  but others shined with the strain!
pipeman69 O.G. ‐ 21.824Bubbalicious i was referring to
cpw 10.528I think I am the only one that didnt like it. there is a slim chance it was becasue I screwed it up, but I hold a gruge. 
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hell no grow that stuff that is a big part of what helps me thru my days ....  i know with the help from this site and what i have learned my buds r as good as store bought even better !!!!

Arthur O.G. ‐ 1.798king. to each his own
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462i think he means it would be better to try a strain before you grow it, king
Arthur O.G. ‐ 1.798SubterraneanHomesickBooze. Absolutely. That's ecxactly what I mean.
king O.G. ‐ 31.131it is several hundered miles just 2 get to a legal state then back i'll just grow mine .....
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@Arthur...what i do when i grow a strain and find a pheno i really liked  at harvest time i leave a few nodes at bottom of limbs and then just reveg the plant and take some clones to werk with...ive set the reveged plant outside  several times an let it take off in warm weather an grow the clones in my setups ect inside..those reveged plants go crazy

pauls420 55Nice yea I’ve done that before in Seattle Washington area, I grew one outside in a pot and harvested it and left a few lil node branches at the bottom also and brought the plant back inside through the lights back on it and gave it some veg fertilizer and it kicked back into veg no problem . I like doing that to the girls , put them bitches back to work again and make my money lol ;)