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See if I can post a pic here ... here goes... yippee it worked. I'm on a roll. One more of ...Missouri's finest !
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cool buds an lil nannerz on that one

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325I get those on this last grow is that just the glands opening up letting you know it's ready to harvest?
ChAs420 O.G. ‐ 26.536@hulk..those lil nanners produce pollen and will make female seeds...growweedeasy.com has info on it too..if ur fans ar on when it drops polllen then a lot of the pollen gets blown all over
cpw 10.528Did someone finally make a bud with a pop out to let you know its done?
ChAs420 O.G. ‐ 26.536yeah thats about what it is..like those pop out thermostats on turkeys when in ovens...if u see those lil nanners in ur buds get em outta there...lol
cpw 10.528That would be a great selling feature for a strain. lol
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585CPW that's funny you would say that. My guy in St. Louis wants to start his own brand. Lot of hoops to jump through. 
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Funny.. when I first saw the nanner it looked almost fluorescent. No pollen release though. 
cpw 10.528I think they brand fruits and veggies so I dont see why not, I dont think it will make any difference but it makes "bud wrangler" more true to its name. I dont think that one is going to be making any seeds. lol
justme O.G. ‐ 20.712That is funny! You're all going to have people hoping for nanners before harvest now! lol Glad they waited until late in flower to hermie on you! Maybe not but you could possibly find a seed or 2 in that ones flowers if you look close enough. They would be female seeds since there was no Y chromosome in the DNA thread without a male involved. I would defiantly try growing them if you do find a couple! They will be free anyway!
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585JM I'll be lookin for them !
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Pretty buds but I got my eye on that ball of hash ya got there holly crap is that big.

cpw 10.528Is that RSO in the jar under it? Party at Chubs house.
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585I use ethanol, but pretty much the same. I vac purge my oil and use the oil to make candy. Gummies and caramels mostly. 
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Over 100 hrs of hand cleaning went into that ball of finger hash. No gloves just rub my fingers together and collect the resin. It's strong smoke too' 
cpw 10.528I think thats the same. I lke to take a few drops of that direct and then take the  afternoon off. I have about a quart of dry ice hash I was thinking about cooking up  as soon as its warm enough to boil it down outside without the pure grain freezing.
bill59 O.G. ‐ 5.928Nice! That's old school hash making. 
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Looks amazing chubbs!

chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Thanks Pipes.
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Great job chubby! When is the party, I can be there in about an hour! Ha Ha

chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Maybe we can meet up at the Missouri CC . Take care TJ.
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Ya those sneaky little bastards!!! They crept in on you!! Looks like a dank bud though!!

Tomwel187 O.G. ‐ 10.392And ya super fat ball of hash I thought that too!!
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Awesome!! That would be the first plate I picked up in the mornings!! lol Enjoy my friend!!

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When I was a kid in the 70s I was lucky enough to have older connections that would bring back fresh black hash from over seas, thai stick that was the real deal and other such goodies that most did not have access to.  So that ball of hash gives me the flashbacks they warned us other things would [that sadly I never experienced, in spite of having earned them for sure].  People nowdays seem to think all we had was shitty shwag "back in the day", but they would be wrong!  Thanks for the blast down memory lane Chubbs!

cpw 10.528I remember whe "Home Grown" was a bad thing. 
kilgoremeister 1.811Yeah, most people only had access to bag weed.  I had a plant that was in my backyard when I was a teenager that went all the way up to the guttering of the house.  My mom was VERY anti drug, but even her friends would want to have a look when they came over.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a male.  Being a stupid teenager, I hung, dried and TRIED to smoke it...once.  As previously mentioned, I had much better things to smoke, so it was maybe not the hardest lesson at that age, but I learned about cannabis having sex and that the ladies were the keepers.  Side note...a friend was given a seed by a stuardess that recommended she plant it.  She did in her back yard and it was Thia Stick quality.