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Numbers are in

First I have to thank Nirvana although it took over a week to respond to me with the free seeds I won they were to me quick once they counted me so I cant complain if they are doing something good so hopefully if your waiting it won't be long.
So I harvested 4 K2 and 3 Chemdawg my weight over plant was average 65 grams each about 2 ounces per plant not the greatest weight but I'm completely satisfied with the smoke, the chemdawg has a citrus flavor while the k2 has that dank smell and taste leaves you stoned for hours. 
I was going to go with super silver haze this run but I went with green crack shorter flowering summer will be brutal and the haze would push me to almost july and that's too hot.
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Congratulations on the harvest, 2oz per plant is nothing to complain about. I bet you still hit that point in the harvest where you start wondering what you were thinking growing so many plants. lol

Congratulations on the free seeds too,  Finish a harvest, then get some free seeds as Mother Nature intended. lolDid they ship FedEx? 

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Thanks man your right bout halfway thru I'm going why do I do this I know 7 is the cutoff it comes down to the strain. It did ship fed-ex quick 
cpw 10.528Cool, I am just waiting on my tracking #.
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Nice harvest and report! Congratulations Hulk! 

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Thank you TB
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Sounds dank!!! I would like to try both of these strains sometime too!! And in my book if I make it to harvest that’s a win!!

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325That's a great way to look at it yes I made it to harvest it's always a beautiful thing to to start another one when your jars are full alleviates the stress of waiting.
Tomwel187 O.G. ‐ 10.392Yes I agree!! But you are a long ways away from the days where it was iffy about making it to harvest... really the only grow I wasn’t sure if it would make it to harvest was my very first one.
Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325True funny thing is my first grow I used 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled in it and I didnt ph just fed 1/4 strength and it was one of the best runs I think I just got lucky and part of it I believe is the depth of the buckets I like the tall fiber pots medi has with the bottom feeding
Tomwel187 O.G. ‐ 10.392Ya those things actually did look pretty sweet!! And I agree I got lucky to lucky I found all of you guys I remember when I first started I was having some pretty rough looking plants!! But after some help from every one here I got back on track and ya my first one was probably my most memorable actually came out real nice!!
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oh i am sorry i missed this! congratulations! i agree any harvest is a blessing!! It takes so fuckin long from seed to smoke

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Thanks Booze patients is one of the things about growing you constantly learn.
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462its the middle word in life, man!
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Nice grow brother! 2+ per is a job well done and the quality is a huge plus! Your plants looked great at the end which shows the amazing effort you put into your entire grow!Enjoy!

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Thank you brother Pipes
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Congrats Hulk! Sounds like a good harvest and smoke.

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325It is Toke thanks man.
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Nice report, congrats on stocking up the jars and free seeds to boot! 

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Yes win win in my book Mr bill thank you.
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Awesome!! Sounds like 14 nice ounces to kick back on and enjoy to me! That should do you until next harvest. I haven't grown the K2 or the Chemdawg yet. They are in line though! I am sure your not giving up growing completely for the summer as much as you like to grow!?! These new LED lights are going to help with the brutal summer heat tremendously for me! You running LEDs or HIDs? 

Kushnado 3.050LED's are a must for the summer! 
Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Thanks justme, I run Led's but it's still so damn hot hear in the deep south but it's more to appease my wife who complains about the bill so it's a small 4 month sacrifice to keep peace. I was going to run some super silver haze but I decided one a shorter cycle strain green crack they just broke the surface this time I filled pots with FFOF then dug a hole and filled it with fix farm happy frog instead of transplanting. Not sure why I haven't done this all the time.
Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Your right there Kush
Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Your right on that Kush
justme O.G. ‐ 20.712@Hulk, the FFHF inside a hole in the FFOF should work great. I use the Happy Frog in solo cups and then transplant for saving space as well as power bill savings. I can keep a lot of plants under a smaller/cheaper light source for the first 3 weeks of their life and then transplant them into their final pot and use Azos and Mycos a second time on a bigger root ball. I never see any transplant shock. Have fun and happy growing my friend!! 
justme O.G. ‐ 20.712You know these plants love to grow outside in the summer where the lighting and AC is free too!?! lol :-)
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Congratulations Hulk!!! Very well deserved.  YEAH FREE BEANS TOO!!!

Hulk O.G. ‐ 9.325Yes ma'am happier than a pig in slop. Thanks