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How long should I wait for harvest Genetics unknown!

Soil grown, took entire year 🤣 to reach this far
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A long time from the time that photo was taken, it looks like the 1st week of flower. While your waiting dead up about harvest time and how to know for sure. Most of us use the trichomes on the calyx as the final indicator. https://www.growweedeasy.com/harvest

cpw 10.528The narrow leaves make me think its a Sativa and they usually take a little longer than Indicas standard 8-9 weeks from flower. Also the trichomes on some Sativa's and hibreds never turn amber. 
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are you new to growing? you need to try some good genetics cause youve definitely got some patience. It looks beautiful! very exotic with those long slinky leaf! i agree that it looks about 1-2 weeks of flower. The trichomes will tell you when to harvest

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trexkong27 352Yass kinda new to Growing , 
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The plant in the picture looks like it just started flowering. All the pistils (hairs) are still white and sticking straight out. Some Sativa plants take a long time! They are worth it though!! You will need a jeweler’s loop, mini microscope, or digital microscope that will Bluetooth to your smart phone to see the trics. At least 30x magnification! You need to look at the trics (crystals) on the actual flower calyxes. The trics out on the sugar leaves around the buds turn colors quicker than the ones on the flowers. I would want mostly cloudy with a few amber before harvesting if it was mine 

justme O.G. ‐ 20.712 it depends on what effects you want out of it. The sooner you harvest it the speedier the buzz will be. If you wait until you have 50% or so amber trics then it will have more of a laid back narcotic couch lock buzz. Have patience!! They put on the most weight the last few weeks before maturity. You should do some studying at www.growweedeasy.com to learn all about when you harvest. You have a long way to to go here. Might should go buy a bag if your out my friend!! That should help with the patience.  
justme O.G. ‐ 20.712I am seeing some 3 fingered leaves. You sure it has never tried to start revegging before?
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462i  agree. there is a reason it took a year
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The guys above have your answer so l just wanted to say welcome to the portal!

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welcome 2 the wp yes u have a ways 2 go my friend .... 

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as mentioned it's a sativa strain - generally they have a long flower times any were from 9-16 weeks depending the genetics (100% sativa) Start looking for harvest signs at week 9 +  guessing it will be ready in 12 weeks.  Happy harvest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes you still have probably close to 2 months left on the plant in the picture!!

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It took a year to start showing flower like this? Wow, you must already have one of the most important traits for growing, lot and lots of patience. Keep us posted on this one, I am curious about this one 

trexkong27 352Yeah why not I will give you guys all the updates time to time!
cpw 10.528Thanks, you got some bragging rights on this one.
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It has my curiosity up too! I would like to see updates in the future as well! A "landrace Sativa" can take up to 18 weeks in flower alone! That isn't counting the veg time. If you hang on and will go that long with it you will be happy you did! You will have a jewel I imagine. It will just be a hell of a long time on one plant! If you have the floorspace you might as well finish it since you have this much time in it already! Most people will only veg a "true Sativa" for a few weeks after the seed pops because they stretch forever and usually outgrow the space when grown indoors! They will stretch for a lot longer than the 3 weeks like most these hybrid and Indica strains we buy do. That is an awful long time to keep your root zone healthy! I would make sure that I kept anything going into the pot on point! Please keep us updated! Good luck and happy growing my friend! 

trexkong27 352No nutrition are used , just home 🏡 based leftover used to growing 🤭 and keep it healthy