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How can I qualify for free beans  ,,thanks
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your here..ur in the pool...just contribute and answer or ask questions if or when u can..they draw names from someones hat i think...lol once a week on mondays

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So far the only requirment is to be really good looking,  I think the other winners would agree, lol.  

cpw 10.528To verify its you they do ask for the address they normally ship your seeds to so you may have to have been a previous customer but I dont know for sure
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462seems like you got 5000 points in like a month! crazy huh?
cpw 10.528WIthout posting any pedifile porn either, being at home most of the time probably has something to do with it. Please let me know if I am the first to post an answer and its "I have no idea" LOL
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You just did. Welcome to the WP!! Stick around and share your knowledge or soak some in. Have fun and happy growing my friend!!

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fee seeds they have never ran a good seed give-a-away -- Good luck !!!!! Took me 10 years to get a free pack of seeds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seed program is bull#%&*

king O.G. ‐ 31.131DECAF plane  ....
ChAs420 O.G. ‐ 26.536i was the ferst one to win some the free seeds here...was simple and now with FedEx its 3 er 4 days u have em
cpw 10.528My free seeds are on the way, you have to meet the #1 requirment of being extremely good looking. lolDid you do the naked chicken dance? 
justme O.G. ‐ 20.712@airplante, not counting the old mystery seeds you use to get with every order, Nirvana has sent me a couple free packs of seeds. In fact, wasn't long ago Jim sent me a pack of Nicole x Banana OG and a pack of Mango Skunk right before they released them for sale on their website. When I first started buying from Nirvana in 2012 they were giving free "mystery seeds" with every order. Half of those were male and the other half were usually Sativa dominate, if not completely Sativa! Those took forever to finish. They were free though so I grew them. Got 1 awesome plant out of all the mystery seeds I received but I have no idea what the strain was. I would rather not get any free seeds as get some that you don't know what is because if you find one you really like, you have no way of knowing what strain it was so you can order more.
airplane O.G. ‐ 22.681Thanks for your info - was talking about the  "old" point system
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462new point system is not much better!
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Ok this is gunna be funny ! Remember the nazi soup guy on Seinfeld. Well I can hear the Nirvana boys sayin, "no seeds for you... Sub!" Blah
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462idc i will make an entire grow out of one single seed 
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Staying active on Weedportal will give you a shot at winning!!

justme O.G. ‐ 20.712I don't know. A couple of winners were people I never see comment on the WP. I think you just have to be a member. I don't think your activity on the site is a factor. I may be wrong though. I have been wrong 1 time before! lol
cpw 10.528I was wrong that one time I thought I was mistaken
Tomwel187 O.G. ‐ 10.392Hmmmm ya your probably right I have only seen people that are active win since I have been back on here!! Pretty awesome though I’m stoked to try my freebies I got!!!
Kushnado 3.050I might not be right, but I'm never wrong. 
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Are the winners really winners ? Free seeds can be a pain in the ass. 
ChAs420 O.G. ‐ 26.536@chub..why u say that? my free seeds wasnt pain in asses..lol
cpw 10.528Thats like the guy that won the lottery and complained he had to buy a new wallet. LOL
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585ChAs, I'll get specific, Free seeds were Snow White. I thought cool, a "white" strain . I grew it out with the other girls ID, and it just never really amounted to much. A weak, kinda leafy plant. I've been leary ever since. We put WAY to much time and effort into growin, for sub par genetics. I'm not blaming anybody but it does happen. 
SubterraneanHomesickBooze O.G. ‐ 42.462i just would like to know what im growing.  Im not into mysteries! 
chubby441 O.G. ‐ 6.585Good one !! I knew this response would happen, but read my answer and you'll agree. Was it Dragnet that always said "just the facts." I would dig the shit outa free seeds, if they were of my choice. 
ChAs420 O.G. ‐ 26.536the free seeds ya win now are strains You pick out...
Tomwel187 O.G. ‐ 10.392Yes the weekly winner on WP you get to pick any strain you want any free 5 pack!!