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Why grow autoflowers? First of all you should know why to choose autoflowers over the  regular photoperiod plants?There is a complete answer on the homepage, but in short autoflowers are small, stealthy, they grow fast, produce big yields, have amazing mold, pest and i...
Growing Weed For Dummies You’ve probably fantasized what it would be like to have an entire field of weed all to yourself. Well, why not make the fantasy come true? Growing marijuana is, after all, kind of like the Holy Grail of the cannabis world. The 10 simple steps for growing weed below w...
What's the Best Pot? Containers Explained   by Nebula Haze Table of Contents Intro: What Do Cannabis Roots Want? Types of Containers Regular pot with saucer Smart pots Air pots Hempy Buckets Hydro How to Catch Water Runoff Saucers Trays Wh...

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