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HOW TO TREAT POWDERY MILDEW If your plants do develop powdery mildew despite your best efforts, don’t worry. There are many environmentally friendly options for eliminating the disease, including: Baking Soda. Baking soda itself isn’t normally effective as a powdery mildew treatme...
0714-fla-sinkhole1.jpgMassive Fla. sinkhole grows as 2 more homes condemned Thousands of used butane cans used to process concentrated marijuana dumped in the forest in Humboldt County, CaliforniaFertilizer seen in a makeshift pond with irrigation hoses attached in order to funnel water to grow sit...
A leader of California's marijuana industry warned Wednesday that the state's cannabis growers produce eight times the pot that is consumed in the state so some will face "painful" pressure to reduce crops under new state regulations that will ban exports after Jan. 1. Some marijuana growers will s...
Nevada dispensaries licensed to sell recreational marijuana are running out of pot less than a week after the legal market came to life, state officials say. Check out this story on
  Why A Healthy Root System Is So Important For Growing Cannabis On Mar 24, 2017   The single most important part of your cannabis garden is an area that goes unseen and is often forgotten; your root system. Maintaining a healthy root system is an essential part of p...
Pests, Bugs & Viruses           by Nebula Haze Unfortunately, bugs and other garden pests can totally mess up your marijuana harvest! This page aims to be a comprehensive resource on the different types of bugs / pests / mold that can affect your marijuana crop, ...

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