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The hemp fields sprouting in a part of Canada best known for its giant oil patch show how climate change is disrupting the construction industry. © Gerry Broome/Associated Press Hemp seedlings grow at a farm in North Carolina. Six years after setting up shop in the shadow of Calgary&...
The US and Canada are home to the world’s largest cannabis production facilities. These are the five of the biggest grows in the world. ByNatan PoniemanPublished on 11/19/2018 Cannabis history is being made every day in North America, as state policies and public opinion tilt the scale toward...
Germinating has always been a big pain for me and makes me nervous like an expecting father! Ive tried soaking in water and ive tried the paper towel method, both with mixed results. Seems it is too easy to drown a seed. In fact, you can drown a seed in less thatn a teaspoon of water. Lately ive b...
High PPFD Cultivation Guide from Fluence Bioengineering This is the guide that is currently packaged with Fluence fixtures to provide guidance and info regarding light levels throughout the plant's life cycle and the necessary environmental conditions required to ensure healthy and vigorous growth....
All-In-One Bud Bucking, Bud Trimming, Bud Washing and Spin Drying Machine.My winter project is to make this happen. It just might work!
--- From The Marijuana Grower's Handbook. Ed Rosenthal --- You should dry your bud to the point of stem snapping and to the point you would normally begin bagging and sweating or jarring and burping your buds. Once at that point you put the partially dried buds in a closed cardboard box in the freez...
The breeding technique called “cubing” (because there are 3 backcrosses involved) works as follows: 1. Pollinate a flowering clone of the chosen female with the pollen of a related male, preferably her father or a brother – to preserve any female traits that are linked to the male...
Complete indoor grow guide by Nebula Haze Table of Contents Intro: Learn How to Grow Weed Indoors How Long Until You’re Smoking Your Buds? 4 months Growing Cannabis Basics Light Needs (Cannabis needs more light than most house plants) ...
Why grow autoflowers? First of all you should know why to choose autoflowers over the  regular photoperiod plants?There is a complete answer on the homepage, but in short autoflowers are small, stealthy, they grow fast, produce big yields, have amazing mold, pest and i...
Growing Weed For Dummies You’ve probably fantasized what it would be like to have an entire field of weed all to yourself. Well, why not make the fantasy come true? Growing marijuana is, after all, kind of like the Holy Grail of the cannabis world. The 10 simple steps for growing weed below w...

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