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COB LED Basics: A Beginner’s GuideJANUARY 4, 2017 / LEDGARDENER / 10 COMMENTSAfter sifting through my posts, I realized that I’ve neglected to write something that’s a little more suitable for somebody who’s brand spankin’ new to the world of LED COBs. This guide will s...
05/20/2017 BY ANTHONY FRANCIOSI Trichomes: The Complete GuideAre you trying to understand all the convoluted online conversation about cannabis trichomes? What are they? How are they grown? How are they harvested? What’s the best way to consume them? We gotcha! We’ll help you understan...
How To Use CO2 When Growing MarijuanaAt some point in your marijuana growing career, you will have a desire to incorporate CO2 into your recipe. Chances are, that is why you are reading this article. I have grown marijuana for a long time, and I know first hand that there is a lot of junk informatio...
Introduction: Why Should Growers Train Cannabis Plants to Grow Flat? Cannabis growers often want cannabis plants to grow into a certain size and shape to produce the best yields. As a grower, you can control a lot of the final size and shape of your plant by using proper cannabis ...

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