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What happens when you do almost ALL the wrong things that can be done, and still have a memorable harvest - chalk it up to mebbe 30% luck and a testament to the heartiness of Cannabis.... December 1, year last.  Recreational cannabis legal in Nevada since that July, and had accumulated 6 seeds...
Here's my write up on the pots that'll air prune your seedlings and disintegrate in the ground.It's a little hobo but I think you'll get the idea. Walk around Home depot and you'll find the material for about $10.The calking tube is 10oz. There is a 28oz tube that would make a 3"x5" pot, but I didn...
Alfalfa Pellets (3-1-2) avg release 40g/sq ftCorn Gluten (6-0-0) avg release 15g/sq ftCompost (1-1-1) slow release 125g/sq ftBird guano (10-3-1 variable) fast release 25g/sq ftCow manure (2-0-0 variable) avg release 60g/sq ftHorse manure (5-2.5-6 variable) avg release 20g/sq ftSoybean meal (6-1.5-2)...
Tester Name : Jim.Strain name : ICE. (indica crystal extreme)Breeder : Nirvana.Method Smoked : Joint.Appearance : The buds are full of crystals and stick to your fingers, also its very dense.Smell : The smell is very fresh but when you smoke it also earthy, the fresh side was the part i really loved...

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