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Ozone generators are used to oxidize airborne contaminants and remove contaminants from water. O3 is 3000 times stronger than bleach. Below is how I have incorporated O3 into my grow room. Setup is a DIY continuous drip fro...
Introduction to DWC hydroponics   3.5 or 5 gallon bucket ($3) Bucketlid/netpot ($5) 3/16" airline (you can get similar nylon or silicon line from pet store or autoparts store. same as windshield washer line) air pump ($10) pet store air stone or two ($5) pet store clay pebbles ($10...
Ok so I’m starting a DWC grow for the first time. I bought hydroton and I was going to use rockwool as the medium. I see most people use 3in net pots so that’s what I was going to buy so how big should the rock wool be an 1” or an 1.5”. Also would a 5 gallon tote be sufficient or should I get a bigg...

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