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Well.... it's been a year and a half since I posted about planting a mini forest. Before I begin I have to say Nirvana's Original Glue is amazing in the extreme. 100 plants came through as heavy yielders (1/2 - 1lb), zero mold, plant them and forget them easy. Just wow. I had 800 Northern Light...
I started this journey thinking I'd pick up from when I was an optimistic 16 year old growing a few plants. Back then I'd grow, sell half, and I'd be dry after new years eve. Secretly though, I'd still have some left to last a couple more selfish months, but to be honest, I'd be sick of smoking it b...
Assuming you have some spare seeds, why not spread the joy? Your random act of kindness is sure to evoke profound gratitude in every soul touched. Did you find a few sites in your hometown that could use some green? Or are you a guerrilla grower and want to get the seeding done in almost no time? T...

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