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We Replaced T5HO Fluorescent Grow Lights with LED T5HO - Here's What Happened   Home /  Blog /  Horticulture /  We Replaced T5HO Fluorescent Grow Lights with LED T5HO - Here's What Happened T5HO fluorescent grow lights have been around for so...
Well this is a story of how a 3 month indoor grow with excellent equipment turned into a near disaster but finally recovered with harvest in 5 months. I purchased 5 seeds from ILGM, not even sure what kind cuz it doesnt matter, they all sprouted but didn't survive the transition from the papertowel...
If you need help scoring quality sativa and indica strains and other stuffs then have no worries. I'm available all year round. Email: Telegram: budkonnection
I'm writing this so that anyone can figure the exact amount of light required to maximize yields. This is based on research I've been doing for a while now. It's not copy pasted, I'm attempting to put this into words we can all understand. Lol. What we are after is called DLI= daily light integral. ...
VERY LONG!!! I think the original post is from an article from BML??? Dewb Oldschool Member Oct 161 HOW TO COMPARE GROW LIGHTS As a refresher, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is a region of the electromagnetic spectrum (400 to 700 nm) that promotes photosynthesis. PPF (Photosy...
i know that in lot of coutries we mix weed with tabaco to make it longer time and cheaper but that tabaco is very untasty and strong and bad to health so i grow my own hemp in house which is absolutly legal. it grows incredible easy and fast and with no material needed. it grows even at outdors and ...
THE PERFECT LIGHT SCHEDULES FOR AUTOFLOWERING CANNABIS Autoflowering cannabis produces its bud with time, rather than light. However, they still need consistent lighting, so getting the schedule right is crucial. Here is what you need to know. As the name suggests, autoflowering cannabis strains a...
So I've made a couple mistakes with this first grow. White Widow and Blue Mystic Autoflowers after 6 weeks. If I transplant into some super soil, can I salvage a harvest?
Watts per Square Foot One of the fairer ways of comparing the efficiency of all the different HID, fluorescent (/induction), plasma and LED lighting options is to look at the number of watts of power they require per square foot of plant-growing footprint. Since the varying footprint names given by...
7 Key features you should know about LED grow lights: Choose right   7 Key features you should know about LED grow lightsCompare LED grow lights and choose the right oneLike many new technologies, the range in prices and quality of LED grow lights is wide, and that can make choosing your best...

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