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CULTUREHome » Culture » NASA Administrator Calls Elon Musk’s Weed Stunt ‘Uninspiring’ NASA Administrator Calls Elon Musk’s Weed Stunt ‘Uninspiring’NASA says Elon Musk’s open weed habits are uninspiring. But for many cannabis consumers, the oppos...
As many of you know marijuana has been approved for recreational use in Canada! This is a booming billion dollar industry and alot of money and revenue will be made!  I am a day-trader and investor part time and have really been excited about the last few weeks! I would never give stock advic...
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he likely will support a congressional effort to end the federal ban on marijuana, a major step that would reshape the pot industry and end the threat of a Justice Department crackdown. Trump's remarks put him sharply at odds with Attorney General Jeff...
AP Photo: FILE - In this June 29, 2016 file photo, a man holds a bag of synthetic marijuana in Houston. In a report released Tuesday, April 10, 2018, fake marijuana likely contaminated with rat poison has killed three people in Illinois and sickened more than 100 others in the past month. (Melissa P...
here are two universal truths of which I've always felt certain: Cats like milk and plants like water. I was a bit wrong on both counts. While plants need water to survive, they also like milk. (Also, most cats are actually lactose-intolerant, so kittens over 12 weeks should just be sipping water, a...
Vermont makes history by becoming the first state to legislatively legalize marijuanaDear Supporter, Until today, all eight of the states that have made marijuana legal for adults did so through ballot initiatives. Over the past three elections in 2012, 2014, and 2016, voters in Colorado, Washingto...
Esser additionally says that the way builds have taken care of buy Warmane coins server upkeep has changed definitely finished the previous 10 years. "In 2003, on the off chance that we needed to expand the quantity of physical occurrences we were running on, we'd call our distributer, sit tigh...
“Decarboxylation” is a long word for a simple process. To decarboxylate your herb, you just need to heat it. Applying a little heat to dried bud inspires some fascinating chemical reactions in the plant. Namely, you transform compounds called cannabinoid acids into a form that is re...
New Jersey's On Track To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In The Next 100 DaysBy James McClure | Nov 8, 2017 | Politics New Jersey is on track to legalize marijuana within the next hundred days. The countdown began last night when New Jerseyans elected pro-legalization candidate Phil Murphy (D) to...
New Hampshire Decrim Kicks In On SaturdayGage PeakeSeptember 15, 2017(Denis Tangney Jr/iStock) Starting tomorrow, you will not face jail time for simple cannabis possession in any New England state, as New Hampshire becomes America’s 22nd state to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis posse...

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