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5 Largest Legal Cannabis Growers In The World

The US and Canada are home to the world’s largest cannabis production facilities. These are the five of the biggest grows in the world.

ByNatan PoniemanPublished on 11/19/2018
Cannabis history is being made every day in North America, as state policies and public opinion tilt the scale towards the end of prohibition times. As the ‘green rush’ attracts more and more entrepreneurs hoping to land a share of cannaheaven, some of the already established players are starting to peek between the podium of the first industry giants.

Still, however large some of the biggest cannabis grow operations might be, it will take decades (or even centuries) for them to ever achieve the size of some of the largest grow operations in the world. The Bom Futuro Farm in Brazil is the largest soybean farm in the world, covering over 550,000 acres (23,958,000,000 sq.ft), which makes it fifteen thousand times larger than the first grower of our list. Leaving the realm of agriculture, we can even find dairy farms a large as 22,500,000 acres, like the Mudanjiang City Mega Farm in China, which covers roughly the size of the country of Portugal. As is can be seen, even though the cannabis industry is reaching unprecedented levels of growth, the total size of its production is still at infant stages when compared to other markets.

One of the main sources we used in putting together this list, has been the Growers Network’s 2018 report on the largest cannabis producers in North America. According to the research conducted by the network, of the many factors, the can be considered in measuring the size of a grow operation, such as the number of plants or yield capacity, the most reliable in making a safe comparison is the square footage, as it provides a constant and verifiable criteria for measurement.

Los Suenos Farms
This family owned and operated farm ranks first on our list, with 1,428,000 square feet of land outside the town of Pueblo, Colorado. It encompasses four Colorado licensed retail marijuana cultivators in its grounds. This number might sound like it would take up a large percentage of the state’s licensed growers when thinking of the number of cultivation licenses granted to states like Ohio, with only 12 licenses, or New York, with as little as 5. However, the situation in Colorado allows for more than 1,400 licensed producers, which probably accounts for the reason why the Centennial State is home to some of the largest growing operations in the country. Los Sueños produces mostly organic, sun-grown cannabis and manufactures edibles and pre-rolled joints as well.

The Green Organic Dutchman
Established in 2012, The Green Organic Dutchman’s flagship facility is the second largest grow operation on our list and the first one from across Canadian borders. The company holds a strategic partnership with Aurora Inc., the second largest cannabis corporation in the world, and one of the country’s largest producers of medical marijuana. TGOD’s main operation covers 620,000 square feet of land in the Montreal region of Quebec, and the company has already invested in an 820,000 square feet lot in Valleyfield, Quebec, which will also be fully dedicated to organic and sustainably grown cannabis.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Canopy Growth is the largest cannabis corporation in the world in terms of share value. It has invested in cannabis ventures in more than 10 countries, owns some of the business best-known brands, like Tweed, Spectrum and Leafs by Snoop. It has spread its seed to every corner of the industry from cultivation to manufacturing and has even struck a $4 billion deal with Constellation Brands (makers of Corona beer) last year.

Its 598,000 square feet grow operation in Smith Falls, Ontario ranks third on our list of the biggest legal cannabis grow operations in the world.


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