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How I Use Ozone

Ozone generators are used to oxidize airborne contaminants and remove contaminants from water. O3 is 3000 times stronger than bleach. http://www.chemistry.wustl.edu/~edudev/LabTutorials/AirQuality/Oxidizer.htm. Below is how I have incorporated O3 into my grow room. Setup is a DIY continuous drip from a central 30 gal 68f rez, sealed room in free standing out building. At each twice weekly complete water change , I close off water line to plants, refill rez, and then ph to 5.8. Then BEFORE adding nutes, with water line to plants STILL OFF, I run my O3 Water purifier in the rez for 20 minutes and shut off. I then let the rez recirculation pumps continue to run for another 1.5 hours. 03 has a half life In water of around 20 min at 20c/68f. http://www.oxidationtech.com/ozone/o3-half-life.html   I then mix my nutes, let circulate and open the water lines to the plants. What does it do? Sanitizes my rez and super oxidizes the water. (The oxidationtech website above explains how this happens) Why do it before adding nutes? O3 is known to cause minerals to lose their chelation properties when both are in direct contact. Chelation allows the minerals in our nutes to be absorbed and used by plants. Why turn off water line to plants? O3 known to be safe for plant roots up to 1.5 ppm. I am just being cautious as I currently have no way to measure the exact level of 03 in the water. The meters cost a kidney.. Good article on acceptable plant levels from from NZ - http://www.novozone.co.nz/hort.php  Safety concerns? Some of the O3 can and does off gas out of the rez. I run an exhaust fan for 15 mins or so before I enter the room after running the routine, just to be extra safe. I don't think I would run this routine in an area that couldn't be sealed off and vented to the ouside. Also, I don't inoculate with any biologicals as they would probably be killed off. Results? Plants seem healthy. I have not had any root issues since using O3 the last 2 years, roots are always white and free of any slime when I harvest. Between my grows, i use the Aqua ozone for on 20 minutes off 40 minutes, on 20 etc for a full day to sanitize all my water lines, as well as my new hydroton before I grow. In addition, between grows, I run my "air" O3 generator for 48 hours, then vent for a couple of hours. This kills bugs, molds and fungi. https://www.pctonline.com/article/ozone-effective-for-eradicating-bed-bugs--cleanzone-systems-reports/  The above is just what has been my experiences to date. Please draw your own conclusions and be aware of the recommended safe/best practices when working with ozone. Below are the two products I use. Sorry about the non URLs,  I don't see a url option. A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Pura_txg6BbVG3Fpose Ozone Generator https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K70QDJA/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apP1W Deodorizer Sterilizer (6,000mg - Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JAP7388/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_NDg6BbWD73CCF

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