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Marijuana on the Ballot 2018 mid-terms

California, Colorado and seven other states have legalized recreational marijuana, and there are roughly 30 states that have passed medical cannabis in some form. more states could be added to those lists, as two states consider approving recreational marijuana and two others vote on medicinal usage.

Michigan: called Prop 1 allows recreational pot for those 21 and older

North Dakota: called measure; Medical is already legal but recreational is p on the ballot. again, over 21.

Utah: Proposition 2 is a bit odd, this would legalize use for medical purposes, but users would not be allowed to smoke the plant (vaping appears to be OK by the wording of the law). They also would not allow for edibles nor growing of plants at home. 

Missouri:  three measures on the ballot in the Show Me State. Two change the state’s constitution, which means that if lawmakers want to change the marijuana laws once passed, they will have to put it to a state vote again

Gotta get out and remember to vote!


Source: MarketWatch.com, written by Max A. Cherney 

Article Tags: #Medical #legal #recreational #legalized states #voting
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