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Introduction to DWC hydroponics

Introduction to DWC hydroponics


3.5 or 5 gallon bucket ($3)

Bucketlid/netpot ($5)

3/16" airline (you can get similar nylon or silicon line from pet store or autoparts store. same as windshield washer line)

air pump ($10) pet store

air stone or two ($5) pet store

clay pebbles ($10)  (hydro store, walmart.com, amazon)

rockwool or rapid rooter ($.75)

Nutrients and lights

DWC is basically like running a freshwater aquarium. pH'd Water, Bubbles from an air pump and Nutrients. The only difference is you are feeding plants instead of fish!


The following is assuming you have a sprouted seedling in rockwool or a rapid rooter

1.) place rapid rooter in net pot/lid with a layer of clay pebbles on the bottom of net pot. cover the rockwool or plug with pebbles to desired height.

2.) Add nutrient solution to your bucket, leaving about one inch away from the bottom of the net pot.

3.) route your 3/16" air line with stone into the nutrients and connect to the air pump. Turn pump on

DWC is all about oxygenated nutrients. you want lots of bubbles! 

Nutrients should be changed weekly. also pH and nutrient temp play a very important role in DWC and hydroguard is recommended to control harmful bacteria.





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