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First Grow Skywalker Recap

Well this is a story of how a 3 month indoor grow with excellent equipment turned into a near disaster but finally recovered with harvest in 5 months.

I purchased 5 seeds from ILGM, not even sure what kind cuz it doesnt matter, they all sprouted but didn't survive the transition from the papertowel to the 1 inch rockwool cube. Then started 13 random seeds from a weed purchase of allegedly Skywalker. 3 survived, made it from 1" cube to 3"cube and roots growing nicely. During this time they were under 18 hours of 125 watt cfl, and 12 hours dark. The main lights just seemed to bright for these little seedlings. Throughout all this I was holding back cuz i really wanted to fill at least half of the 18 grow baskets, so I was starting additional seeds and thinking the plants would all catch up - my greed added weeks to the project. The plants are looking good, and after 6 weeks I fired up the big veg lights. Only the lamps in the veg fixtures are HPS Flower lamps, not MH Veg lamps. Figured out that mistake after a week. At this point I have three beautiful plants, the largest of the plant is nearly touching the glass above (36")

Week 11 I swap to the HPS flower lamps and go to 12/12. My forum pals are suggesting some serious training so that the plant can stretch. That seems to work fine and my box looks like its got almost 18 plants in it, when it's really just two. Week 13 I started the C02. The system releases 6 seconds of gas every 8 minutes. One of my plants is exhibiting pollin sacs. Ugh. I chop that down, the problem is that it's roots are so go mingled with the airstone hoses and the big female. Now i'm worried that the decaying roots will suck up all the oxygen in the water, or spread root rot to the healthy plants.

All of July I'm training the big female horizontally to keep the colas from touching the glass and give it more light. Trimming some fan leaves as well. At this point it seems to be sucking up 5 gallons for water every day. And its getting really hot out, so the water additons give me a chance to put icy water in the resevoir and keep it at least under 85°. I'm also putting jugs of frozen water in the chamber to see if i can cool it down. It still gets almost 90°.

Week 18 (week 8 of flower) the stretching has stopped and the buds are filling in along the branches. Pistils starting to turn amber but the trichs are still a winter wonderland. Week 19 I stopped the C02, and began flushing with plain ph'd water. (I probably started flushing too soon) Week 20 the leaves are looking as wore out as I am. Maybe its the lack of nutes, or maybe its just pouring all of it's love and energy into the buds. Now i'm searching for anchors above to keep the heavy colas from collapsing on itself. I've got string everywhere, it looks a mess. I start trimming some buds and drying.

Week 21 the final harvest. Finally I can see my little one thats been hidden by mother ayahuasca. It's small but every little leaf is covered with trichs. Drying in the backyard, curing in 1 pint mason jars with a 62 Boveda pack in each one. 24 jars total, about 1 ounce each. Not bad for one plant.

What did I learn? 

  1. Start all plants together, don't think you can add more and catch up.
  2. Figure out how to successfully germinate and tranfer to grow box with out killing them.
  3. Use the right lamps for Veg and Grow
  4. Switch to 12/12 grow when plants are 8 inches tall
  5. Install training anchors before the grow starts
  6. Most important, listen to the sage advice from the Forum Elders here!

pics are in my album

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  • RbtAsq
    RbtAsq zimmy69, Sea of Green is when you flower many plants at a small size, instead of a few plants at a large size. Kinda the opposite of a SCROG, where you grow a couple plants large enough to spread and fill the grow area. Strains that are less prone to heav...  more
    September 24, 2018 - 5 like this
  • stick
    stick Overall a good grow if you learned from it....Sea of green is the way to go..
    September 25, 2018
  • RbtAsq
    RbtAsq It seems like most SOG set ups I've seen are an ebb and flow tray, loaded with rockwool cubes. Then it's ebb and flow, or drip irrigation.
    September 25, 2018 - 1 likes this
  • RbtAsq
    RbtAsq As to the OP..... 1. start all plants together, IN SEPARATE POTS. Avoid the tangled root mess.
    2. I use Rapid Rooters to germinate, a lot of guys on here dont like them, but stay easy on the water, and they work fine. Paper towel method works great, until...  more
    September 25, 2018 - 3 like this

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