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New Germination Technique

Germinating has always been a big pain for me and makes me nervous like an expecting father!

Ive tried soaking in water and ive tried the paper towel method, both with mixed results. Seems it is too easy to drown a seed. In fact, you can drown a seed in less thatn a teaspoon of water.

Lately ive been experiementing with a simple and elegant trick using very little water.

1.) Start with a small drinking water bottle, empty all the contents except for a few drops.

2.) Drop the seeds in and seal up the bottle. doesnt have to be very tight.

(this can also be done using a mild nutrient solution or a hydrogen peroxide solution)

keep the bottle in a dark warm place. I like to put mine in my glove compartment of my car in the late afternoon. needs to be very warm!! The heat will keep the entire contents of the bottle humid creating the perfect environment, but wont drown the seed. 

Ive had an excellent germination rate recently using this method! 100%

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