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Investing in Canadian Weed

As many of you know marijuana has been approved for recreational use in Canada! This is a booming billion dollar industry and alot of money and revenue will be made! 

I am a day-trader and investor part time and have really been excited about the last few weeks!

I would never give stock advice to anyone and in my professional opinion this is a hot potato! Though there still appears to be some upside, the time to invest was like a month ago. Like everything in life it is all about right place /right time.

With that being said I will give a list of noteworthy Canadian Pot stocks that have shown amazing results:

Canopy Growth Incorporated (CGC) Increase of 25.14% in 5 days!!!  Price currently @ $54.70

Tilray inc. CL2 (TLRY) Increase of 79.94% in 5 days!!!! Price currently @ $220.02


(These prices were recorded on 9/19/2018)

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